About Bobby Albert

Bobby has been living and learning leadership for decades.

He was thrust into leadership after his father’s unexpected passing. Only 20 years old, Bobby inherited the family business and the responsibility of leading 5 employees. After years in “the school of hard knocks” he grew that small business to an organization with over 150 team members.

After selling to a publicly-traded company, Bobby now focuses on helping growth-minded business leaders. Using Biblical leadership principles, Bobby helps leaders adopt a values-centric approach and live with greater meaning and impact.

But don’t just take our word for it!

What Leaders Are Saying About Lead2Grow

“I can tell you one thing, when you hear Bobby Albert talk about leadership, you can be sure that he has lived it.  He has built a reputation on serving his customers, vendors and employees — and leading them with intention.  Our industry is better because of Bobby’s influence and example.”

Patrick C. Johnson
President, National Forwarding Co., Inc., Broadview, IL

“Bobby Albert has a very important story to tell that can add value to any organization. His humble, pleasant style with great content makes Bobby a gift to any leader. I would highly recommend Bobby’s program!”

Rick Boxx
Unconventional Business Network, Kansas City, KS

“Bobby Albert is one of the most passionate businessmen that I have ever met. He’s made it a mission to study and develop leadership in himself and others. Bobby has developed his leadership around rock-solid values – and he readily shares his insights with others.”

Lane Kramer
The CEO Institute, Dallas, TX

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